The true history of the LWOT Stable

For more than 100 years some of Canada's best and brightest literary talents have blessed the pages of Lies With Occasional Truth with their broad pen/typewriter/dot matrix printer strokes. These champion harness racers of short fiction range from Governor General's Award nominee Kenneth Radu to petty criminal and three-time Lancaster Short Fiction Prize winner Injax Bowen.

The LWOT Stable has featured:Edit

Gradey Alexander
Mike Allison
Injax Bowen
Ross Bragg
Jenny Breukelaar
Ron. T. Cartwright
Christopher Canniff
Brad Congdon
Kyle Cornett-Ching
Craig Davidson
Glen Dresser
Amanda Earl
Stacey May Fowles
Jessica Harris
Matt Loney
Carin Makuz
Kathryn Mockler
Nathaniel G. Moore
Oliver Munroe
Andre Narbonne
Kenneth Radu
George Ross
B. Glen Rotchin
Richard Scarsbrook
Jake Swearingen
J.A. Tyler
Jeremy Wexler
Nathan Whitlock
Matthew Windle

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