Amanda Earl writes poetry and fiction, and by fiction we mean smut. Her story "Jesus, Melinda and the Undead" appears in LWOT's October 2007 issue. That's why she's allowed back here, behind these curtains, and is exposing herself. Her stories have appeared in the following places most recently:  

Lucrezia Magazine, February 2008; Yes, Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission, Cleis Press, March 2008;, May 2008;, June, 2008; Departures (above/ground press), June, 2008; Tasting Him: Oral Sex Stories, Cleis Press, September 2008; The Moose and Pussy, Volume 2, November, 2008; Do Not Disturb, Hotel Sex Stories, Cleis Press, February, 2009. She has smut forthcoming in Swing! an anthology from Logical Lust and the Ultimate Art of Erotica, an anthology from Crystal Dreams.

Amanda blogs erotically at

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